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Have you ever wondered how can treasury and finance help procurement and supply chain? Join us for an engaging webinar on the essentials of Supply Chain Finance (SCF) and its crucial role in today's business environment. Learn how working capital and supply chain processes go hand-in-hand and how buyers and suppliers can use their own collaborative power to streamline the management of financial flows. This webinar is perfect for supply chain managers and professionals looking at opportunities to bridge the physical and financial supply chains.

We'll dive into real-life case studies that show how SCF principles are applied in daily work to improve cash flow, strengthen supply chains, and achieve sustainable growth. This hands-on approach will help you grasp the practical benefits of SCF, making it easier to apply these concepts effectively.

Plus, this webinar will set the stage for more in-depth topics at the upcoming SAPICS conference in June. Whether you're looking to refine your financial strategies or just want a clearer view of how finance and supply chain management intersect, this session is for you.

Join us to learn how SCF can make a real difference in your business operations.


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